What’s In My Bag

This is kind of an old school blog topic but such an easy go-to when you’re low on content! I figured it was about time I let you all take a peek into my bag and see what goodies I can’t leave the house without. I think I’ll try to do a shop-my-bag every couple of weeks or so, since I change bags so often. Enjoy reading!

The Bag!

I asked for this purse for christmas and my parents came through! This is the Rebecca Minkoff “Morning After Clutch”. Totally easy to transfer from a beautiful crossbody bag to a larger size clutch for nights out etc. This clutch comes in tons of colors! It’s her most popular style, the color I have pictured here is “gunmetal” which is unfortunately discontinued. The original has gold accents rather than the platinum silver.

The Goods:

  1. Ouai (pronounced “way”) Rose body/hair/facial oil: This stuff is awesome! It is compact and has a small pump so you can pump out as much as you need similar to a travel lotion. It smells amazing and is a great cosmetic to keep handy if you have dry cuticles or skin during the winter months
  2. Moleskine: Everyone who knows me knows I have my bullet journal with me at all times. It has my whole life inside of it. You can find more details on my bullet journal here
  3. Sunglasses: These are the best cheap sunglasses I have ever purchased! They were $12 on Amazon and come with a case, a microfiber cloth, and a toolkit! They are durable and really stylish and chic. They come in tons of colors too!
  4. Charlotte Tilbury satin lipstick in “Bitch Perfect” (hehe): It’s the perfect nude/pink in a classic satin formula. If you’re like me and cant commit to one color per day it’s a great every day color to have on hand when you need a quick touch up.
  5. Marble Phone Case: Obviously it’s not real marble but its so cute! It’s a flexible plastic case that keeps the sides of my phone protected and doesn’t hinder any charging cables or headphone cords.
  6. Field Notes: Yes. I carry two notebooks. I’m kind of crazy when it comes to notebooks but the Field Notes edition that I carry is set up like a planner so I can have a quick glance at upcoming dates and appointments (for work) right away and jot quick notes easily. I then usually transfer anything important to my Moleskine later on.

I hope you enjoyed this quick shop my bag post! I will be linking everything I listed below. Thanks for reading!

The Bag

Facial Oil

Moleskine Notebook



Phone Case

Field Notes



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