Collaboration With Wishbones Workshop

Winter is in full swing up here in the PNW! How’s it going guys? It’s been a tick since I’ve blogged and I’ve been beating myself up about it. Alas, the holidays got the better of me. But I’ve realized that that is okay! I got some much needed rest and some serious family time – it was a great refresh.

My first collaboration in 2018 is with a brand that has quickly become one of my favorites. Bedding is something that I always turned my nose up at, something I could never justify spending tons of money on.

Until now.

Here’s my marbled pillow called “Artemis” from @wishbonesworkshop ! Look how perfect it looks styled in my reading nook.

Miss Kai and I connected on Instagram and quickly got to talking about her beautiful creations she sells on Etsy. She is the owner and artist behind Wishbones Workshop (@wishbonesworkshop) for you ‘grammers out there. Her pillows are hand stitched and hand stuffed, but the designs are the perfect combination of simple and chic with a bohemian twist. The best part?

They’re cruelty free!

Kai stuffs her creations with a plant-based alternative to down called Kapok. It’s that cotton-like fluff you see in the seed pods from the Ceiba tree. Kapok fiber naturally repels moisture, is naturally hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. These are huge factors for me when shopping for bedding because living in the Pacific North West where there is so much moisture, we can’t have bedding that allows any kind of mold to thrive in! These pillows are seriously soft you guys! It has that worn-in feel of a pillow you’ve had for years that you just can’t part with.

I am super happy with my pillow from Wishbones Workshop, I can’t wait to add another to my collection (like this set here, omg)  If you’re interested in snagging your own, use my code DRUZYVEINS for 10% off your next order in Kai’s Etsy shop! Happy shopping and happy new year!

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