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Jumping into the world of bullet journaling can feel a little overwhelming. A lot of you had great responses to my last post regarding bullet journals. But a big issue that was brought up is still not knowing “where to start”.

So in this post I’ll be providing you with two tried and true bullet journal templates that I have developed that can work for anyones lifestyle. They’re minimal, but leave lots of room for creativity.


Template 1: The Weekly Spread

This is my favorite spread. Shows a little bit of everything you have coming up so you can get a good grasp on what you need to accomplish. Keep in mind these boxes can be tweaked to fit your personal lifestyle.

The top area is best for your calendar, you can highlight your week so you know where you are in the month and view your upcoming events. I usually save my “important” section for things I need to remember like deadlines outside of the week or birthdays. This spread allows you to highlight the important tasks or duties you need to accomplish each day – think of it as a more generalized to-do list. You can enter your work schedule and important things you need to do for each day.

The blank spaces in this spread are perfect for someone who needs some creativity. I use these spaces for doodles and stickers.


Template 2: The Daily Spread

This spread is gonna be your more in-depth look at things. You can really narrow down what you need to get done and still keep those upcoming events handy and in the front of your brain. This spread offers a lot of versatility but is still pretty straight forward. I use my dailies for tracking my water intake (highlighting each number as I drink), logging accomplishments (paying bills, meditating, etc) and lots of room for notes where you can spill all those thoughts you have racing around your head.


I hope this sheds some light on the bare bones of my journal technique and encourages you to try your own!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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