Collaboration With Sudio “Sound Without Strings”

Hi everyone! As some of you know I have been on a brief hiatus from blogging due to my job. As much as I wish I could earn a solid income from social media, it’s a really hard thing to establish! So big kudos to all you bloggers and influencers out there who make a living online – its really tough and I have a new found respect for all of you! It’s not all brunch and product shots all the time…

That being said, when I do have free time to partner with brands its a great way to break up the monotony of work life! I recently got the opportunity to collaborate with a neat little company based in Sweden called Sudio.

They make super stylish headphones for every kind of lifestyle and their Instagram is flatlay heaven! If you know me at all you know that flatlays are my jam.

Their tagline is “Sound without strings” which is a perfect testimony to their wireless, tangle free earbuds and headphones. I recently received their Sudio Vasa Bla model which is the Bluetooth earbuds in White/Rose Gold. These earbuds are rad you guys. Not only do they not move once they’re in your ears, they send you a bunch of replacement covers and a cute carry case to keep them protected when you’re on the run. The sound quality is just as good as my noise canceling headphones that I paid almost 3x as much for. The final perk of these earbuds is the remote. You can control your volume, skip songs, turn on and off, and even talk on the phone right from the remote on the anti-tangle cord. Total win.


(image credit: @druzyveins Instagram)

(image credit: Sudio)

If you’re someone who commutes on public transportation, who runs at the gym, or is just on the move for most of the day, the Vasa Bla model is a perfect option, they come in three colors too! I couldn’t be happier with the quality and style! If you’re thinking about grabbing a pair for yourself use my code DRUZYVEINS for 15% off your order! You wont regret it! Click the link below to start shopping, best wishes and have a great week!



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