Adventures in Italy

Hi everyoooone. I’m back! Two weeks abroad and a week of work later I’m finally back on my blogging game.

I originally intended for this post to be a food guide, shop guide, sight guide for everywhere we went in Italy.

However trying to tackle everything we did to make it an organized guide and make it useful, is proving to be more difficult than I thought. This is due in part to the fact that my boyfriend and I are pretty spontaneous when it comes to travel. We bought our tickets through Hopper about six months ago, and thats about all the planning that went into our trip!

As our trip date got closer we purchased our train tickets ahead of time but it’s just as easy to purchase tickets at the train stations in Italy if it’s something you decide to do more spur of the moment.

I think at some point when I can map out what we did on our trip and what we liked and disliked, an Italy travel guide will be on the blog in the future! But for now here’s a quick photo guide of our travels through Rome, Florence and Venice. Enjoy!





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